Endorse Judge Moriarty

In 2022, two new judicial positions were added to our Snohomish County Superior Court bench, and I was honored to be appointed by the Governor to fill one of them. In 2023, I campaigned hard and was successful in retaining my seat.  In 2024, all Superior Court Judges in the state must stand for election for a four-year term, and so I am running again.

In creating these two new positions, the Legislature and our County Council recognized the significant growth in our Court’s workload. That was important. But what is also true is that the complexity and breadth of the legal issues our Superior Court handles has grown as well. Every day, the judges in our court hear serious criminal matters, complex civil disputes, family law and custody cases, juvenile matters, child dependency issues, hearings involving people with substance use disorders and behavioral health challenges. All  these issues are important to our community and often life-changing for the people involved.

Over my 30+ years working both as a lawyer and in various judicial roles in Snohomish County, I have gained the kind of broad and deep experience that allows me to be an effective and balanced judge in all these areas.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read more about me here and that I will earn your vote in November.