“We are seasoned lawyers in practice in Snohomish County. We write to endorse the retention of Judge Patrick Moriarty for position #17 of the Snohomish County Superior Court in this upcoming election. Recently we found ourselves in an extended trial before Judge Moriarty. The matter was complex factually as well as legally. While competent counsel represented the parties on both sides, we found Judge Moriarty went beyond reading our briefs. Judge Moriarty did his own work, clearly having spent time out of court examining the evidence but also researching the law at hand. This judge measures up to par excellence on any graph maintained to judge the judges. We endorse retention of Judge Moriarty.”
Mark T. Patterson II
Lorna S. Corrigan
M. Geoffrey G. Jones

Everett Attorneys
“I have worked with Judge Moriarty as a Judicial Coordinator with the Superior Court from the time when he began as a Court Commissioner and can attest from personal experience to his professionalism and his dedication to both the public and staff. Our community and our justice system have been greatly enhanced by his addition to the bench as both a Commissioner and now as a Judge.”
Nancy Norris
Judicial Coordinator
Snohomish County Superior Court
“I have had the honor of knowing Judge Moriarty for over 20 years. Not only has he always exhibited profound knowledge of the law, but also deep respect for it. Just as importantly, he is one of the most honest, decent, compassionate and fair people I have ever known. He understands that while his job is to decide legal issues, these decisions have real life implications. This is a responsibility he takes very seriously. I trust him implicitly to use his sound judgment, extensive legal knowledge and compassion to make thoughtful, equitable decisions firmly rooted in the law. At a time when trust in our judiciary is understandably at an all-time low, having a judge like Patrick Moriarty on the bench gives me comfort and much needed hope for the future.”
Kari Viles
“As a local attorney, I have appeared before Judge Moriarty numerous times. In every interaction I have found him knowledgeable in the law and compassionate in his approach. It is without hesitation that I can endorse him as a judge.”
Robert Miller
Everett Attorney
“Dedicated beyond reproach; transparent, honest, fair, and perhaps most importantly, level-headed which is of paramount importance for a judicial officer.”
Greg Schwesinger
North Seattle Attorney
“Fair and knowledgeable. A good judge.”
Geoff Gibbs
Everett Attorney
“I am a recently retired Everett Municipal Court Judge. I worked with Judge Moriarty from early in his career through his service as a judge pro tem. I supported him in his appointment to Snohomish County Superior Court Commissioner and Judge and support his re-election bid as well. He is highly qualified and excels in all skills needed for excellence on the bench.”
Judge Laura Van Slyck (ret)
Everett Municipal Court
“I am a retired Juvenile Probation Counselor for Snohomish County. Pat was a defense attorney at the Juvenile Court and was a good advocate for the juvenile offenders that he was representing.”
Joe Woodward
Retired Juvenile Probation Counselor
Snohomish County Superior Court
“As a practicing attorney in Snohomish County, I have always appreciated the measured approach and thoughtful legal analysis that Judge Moriarty brings to the bench.”
Francis Huguenin
Everett Attorney
“I give my endorsement to retain Judge Moriarty because of his integrity on the bench, vast knowledge of the law and procedures, and courtroom experience.”
Tristen Key
Everett Attorney
“I have known Judge Moriarty and his family for many, many years. Patrick is committed to serving individuals and families in need and supporting his community. I fully support his continued service.”
Suzannah Johnson
Mountlake Terrace
“I was a fellow Court Commissioner with Pat, and his dedication to the job was endless. He is hard-working and always cared about the citizens of Snohomish County. Please get out and vote to retain Judge Moriarty.”
Patricia Nelson
Retired Superior Court Commissioner
“I whole-heartedly endorse and support Patrick Moriarty for Judge. He is sharp, considerate, and passionate.”
Matthew Russell
Everett Attorney
“I worked with Pat before I retired from Juvenile Court. As a Probation Officer, I learned who was sharp and who was trustworthy. Patrick Moriarty was and is both.”
Ed Farrey
Retired Juvenile Probation Counselor
Snohomish County Juvenile Court
“I always found Judge Moriarty to be respectful, thoughtful, and fair in his rulings and dealings with both the public and the legal professionals in his courtroom.”
Susan Skelton
Everett Attorney
“I have known Judge Moriarty for 25+ years and consider him a very fair and knowledgeable jurist. You would be lucky to get him as Judge for any Trial or Motion you bring before him.”
Richard Wogsland
Everett Attorney
“Judge Moriarty has the attributes of a good jurist in that he is smart, well prepared, ethical, and possesses that rare quality of judicial temperament.”
Shane Richardson
Snohomish Attorney
“Judge Moriarty is a kind, thoughtful, and dedicated addition to the Snohomish County bench and I am proud to strongly endorse his candidacy.”
Adam Ballout
Everett Attorney
“Judge Moriarty is a very genuine person! Very level-headed and can be trusted to make the right decision!”
Annastasia Olson
Everett Attorney
“Judge Moriarty’s experience, intricate understanding of the law, thoughtful character and calm demeanor make him an excellent judge.”
Brian Parker
Everett Attorney
“Judge Patrick Moriarty is an exceptional jurist whose gentle and thoughtful presence generates a calming effect in his courtroom. He comes prepared with a full knowledge of the matters before him gained from a thorough analysis of the materials provided to him. His presence on our bench is a stellar addition to a strong bench. I endorse Judge Moriarty and urge your support for him.”
Robert Getz
Everett Attorney
“Pat’s years of knowledge and experience earned him the appointment to this position from Governor Inslee. His diligence, high standards, and objectivity confirm he is the right person for the job and should retain his seat.”
Evelyn Champagne
“Patrick Moriarty has served for many years on a wide range of complex legal issues from family law to intellectual property infringement, and is an excellent Superior Court Judge.”
Dubs Herschlip
Mukilteo Attorney
“You will be hard-pressed to find a more honest and ethical individual than Judge Moriarty. He works harder than anyone I know and truly cares about doing the best job possible.”
Chris Schwesinger
"I have known Pat for 30+ years. We worked together at the Juvenile Court- he as a defense attorney and I as a Probation Counselor. Pat worked hard advocating for clients and working with probation to help the youth get the services they needed. Later Pat moved on to a position as a Court Commissioner. He demonstrated his knowledge of the law as we worked together to implement new legislative mandates. Pat continues to go above and beyond as a judge. He is fair, patient and kind. Retain Judge Moriarty!!"
Susan Krueger
Probation Counselor
"Judge Moriarty is one of the best judges I've ever appeared before."
Dubs Herschlip
Mukilteo Attorney
"I worked alongside Pat for 25 years at Snohomish County Juvenile Court. Every youth that Pat represented was given his utmost attention to their case. Pat truly cared that each youth was represented to the fullest and that the outcome of each case was in their best interest."
Michael Little
Probation Officer (ret)
"I adamantly endorse Judge Moriarty. There is no better choice. I have never met anyone more suited to serve others from the Bench. Patrick Moriarty has been in the pit on both sides of the aisle his entire career. His legal training began around the family dinner table with his father’s tutelage. The Honorable Judge Moriarty knows the law and applies it fairly. The world is a better place with him at the helm for as long as he is able. Thank you for running Judge Moriarty."
Laura Voss
Cheyenne, Wyoming
"Pat Moriarty has all the qualities one wants in a judge – compassion, intellect, integrity, patience, and good humor. In my experience, the latter is especially important. Judges must preside over hearings where the stakes can be very high, and the emotions rise in direct proportion. Pat is especially well equipped to handle those cases because he is so experienced and good natured. I’ve seen him handle these situations by giving everyone the opportunity to present their side and then giving them a reasoned decision. Obviously, one side must lose, but they feel like they have had their say when they come to Judge Moriarty’s courtroom. Judge Moriarty’s courtroom experience and life experience make him the standout candidate in this race. When we met at the City Attorney’s Office, Pat was already an experienced public defender and his measured approach to criminal prosecution was what we all aspired to emulate. He understood the vast impact of a criminal prosecution and the necessity of doing them to a much greater degree than the rest of us. I was very happy to be able to calibrate by own work by his and I continue to rely upon him to provide the true north for morality, fairness, and judgment. I cannot recommend Judge Moriarty more highly."
Kirk C. Davis
Seattle Attorney
"It was a pleasure to appear in Judge Moriarty's courtroom. He was prepared, knew the applicable law, was patient and wanted to hear what the parties had to say. He listened to people representing themselves. He is fair and reasonable. It will be a real loss to the Snohomish County Bench for him to be replaced by someone with a lack of knowledge who doesn't have the breadth of experience needed to serve the public well."
Sanda Meeker
Former Snohomish County Prosecutor
Family Support Unit
"Judge Moriarty is by far the best candidate for Snohomish County judge. As a Court Commissioner he has heard and ruled on hundreds of domestic violence protection orders cases. I was in the courtroom as an employee of the Clerk's office during many of those hearings. He decided the cases by reading carefully and listening intently to the parties. He asked questions and treated everyone respectfully. He filled out the protection order forms fully and completely so the orders were clear to the parties and law enforcement. I have worked in the court system in Washington and Oregon for 40 years and am recently retired. I have worked closely with many judicial officers. Judge Moriarty is one of the best jurists I have ever worked with. He should be retained as a Snohomish County Judge. He should not be replaced on the Snohomish County bench by anyone!"
Coleen Bobzien
Former Court Clerk
"I believe retaining Judge Moriarty as a Snohomish County Judge will be a benefit to the Hispanic Community. In his years as an attorney, he represented many Hispanics, and now as a Judge, I believe he is fair to all minority communities."
Hortensia Castillo
Arlington attorney
"Your Honor, if I were still a Snohomish County citizen, you’d definitely have my vote. In fact, since I don’t typically vote unless I truly know a candidate is a good fit, I’d go out of my way just to vote for you. I hope this is incentive enough for a Snohomish County citizen still on the fence. Vote to Keep Judge Moriarty! 🇺🇸 I hope this helps at least one person make a solid decision at the general election."
Michele Haas
Litigation Paralegal
"Judge Moriarty has a great temperament for a judge. He is also fair and conscientious."
Peggy Kurtz
"He was the commissioner on my case for custody of my son and I strongly believe he is the only reason I have custody. He is fair and unbiased and very willing to be thorough on even the smallest cases! Myself and my family will do everything to support this great man in his position and future endeavors! Thank you so much your honor!
Barb Denton
"I've witnessed your professional appearance since your original appointment as a court commissioner years ago. Your compassion and intelligence should be recognized. Just a lowly family law paralegal here, but my vote is yours!"